How to Organize and Back Up Music Purchases



Introduction: How to Organize and Back Up Music Purchases

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I buy music off iTunes, but I like having a physical copy of all my music just in case my computer crashes. I back them up on CDs but I'm kinda OCD about organizing music so I designed my own CD backup system. I wanted something that was a bit more pro than just writing out the track names on a piece of paper.

It takes maybe 5 minutes to do. (Depending on how long it takes to burn the CD; that may take a bit longer.)

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Step 1: Stuff You Need

For this you'll need:

-Music (obvious, I hope)

-Any kind of media player/organizer; iTunes, Windows Media Player
-Image manipulation software/drawing software; MS Paint, Photoshop, KidPix(lol)

Other Stuff:
-Blank CDs
-CD cases
-Permanent marker

Step 2: Create a Playlist

These are the songs you'll be burning to the disc. In iTunes, you make a playlist and click burn to disc. The discs I use hold about 17 songs. So every 17 songs I buy, I make a backup disc.

17 is about 50-90MB. If your CDs have way more space than that, do 20 instead of 17. It all depends on the space on your CDs and the size of your song files. I personally like 17.

Step 3: Burn the CD

Do what it says. Burn your CD.

When it finishes, remember to label your CD with the permanent marker.

Step 4: Design and Print Your Cover Art

I used Photoshop Elements to design very simple cover art that says Backup n, and on the back, a track list. (The font is Infected and can be downloaded from here: )

Print and cut them out. I can't tell you the dimentions, cus I measured them wrong. I just taped the cover art into the CD case.

Step 5: All Together Now!

Put the CD in the case with your beautiful cover art and you're good! Enjoy! Or rather rejoyce if your computer ever crashes and you have all your music backed up on discs.

I kept a Photoshop file of my design so every 17 songs, I use that file as a template and replace the number and the track list.

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