How to Pack for Multi Day Hike

Introduction: How to Pack for Multi Day Hike

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i'm gonna be honest with you im a guy so there are probably lots of hygiene stuff missing. so you see i try to take as less stuff as possible and only take things i need. so for this intructables i'm just showing how to pack your hiking bag for a multiple day hike.

now to begin this instructables:

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Step 1: How to Pack

so ive done research and found out that your bag should always be 25% of your body weight for an enjoyable experience. now to get to the list of things:

  1. tent
  2. sleeping bag
  3. food
  4. underwear and socks
  5. rope
  6. candles
  7. rain poncho
  8. small gas burner
  9. small, light pots, pans, and kettles
  10. machete or hatchet
  11. small folding camping shovel
  12. inflatable pillow if you want
  13. duct tape and zip ties
  14. satchel
  15. spoon, knife, and fork
  16. mugs, bowls,plates (i just use mugs for everything)
  17. something to swim in depending on where you go and when (like a pair of shorts and a shirt or no shirt or you just your underwear or go the easiest way like where nothing {a little bit of skinny dipping wont hurt you depending where you go})
  18. and the most important thing to take is a first aid kit

Step 2: Here's the Guys Part So Ladies Feel Free to Skip This Step

first get your underwear and fold it in half. put your socks on top with the open end sticking out.then role it up. now put everything inside the part of the sock sticking out. they should look like a burrito wrapped in foil

Step 3: The Packing Begins

in the bottom of your bag (some bags have a pouch there while some bags don't) this is where you will put your sleeping bag.

and on top of that you might be able to strap your tent there on the outside

Step 4: More Packing

if you have an inflatable pillow you can put there first. then put the socks/underwear. next if you have a satchel you can put that there

Step 5: Almost Done

so i keep my food in a plastic shopping bag. then i put that and my pan and kettle in the middle and make sure its in there nicely.

Step 6:

the shorts i take to swim in i role up and put on the side so i can easily pack around it. then i pack my two mugs and small gas burner on top of everything i just put in there.

Step 7: Just a Couple More

then the candles and rope i push in there so its a perfect fit. so i grabbed my shovel and hatchet and put it down the side. then i put my rain poncho, zip ties, duct tape, snacks, and toilet paper in the top pocket so it quick and easy to access.

Step 8: Last One

now ive closed up my bag and put my glow in the dark paracord and first aid kit strapped to the outside of the bag for easy access and that it.

that's how i pack for a multiple day hiking trip.

if there are some questions you want to ask or somethings you want to tell me to improve this post please don't hesitate!

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    1 year ago

    You could ditch the kettle bring only one pot and one mug......and get a lighter digging tool. I never bring an axe I find that a folding bahco saw is much safer and easier to pack. Check


    Reply 1 year ago

    Also I haven’t been able to find a nice light pot so I just have a pan and kettle


    Reply 1 year ago

    I’ve taken a lighter shovel but the ground was to hard. So I just pack practical for where I go. And I’m a strong guy so the weight doesn’t really bother me that much