How to Paint Flip Knife Doppler (CS-GO)

Introduction: How to Paint Flip Knife Doppler (CS-GO)

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This will be a tutorial on how I painted my Ganzo G-712 knife to replicate the doppler knife skin from CS-GO. Even though I used this specific knife, you could use anything you want really.

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Step 1: Materials/ Tools

You wont need a lot, just some cans of spray paint, I used krylon red and blue, then some rustoleum black. Your also gonna want a container that will hold water, and a plastic bag. And of course your knife you want to paint.

Step 2: Dissasembly of Your Knife

If you choose to use the Ganzo or Benchmade model then the takedown is really straight forward. Once you take the handle scales off however make sure to keeps track of the two small springs that hold your lock forwards. The only pieces that you need to paint are the blade, the blade lock, and the the two halves of the knife liner.

Step 3: Initial Prepping and Painting.

First off, clean your pieces that you are going to paint. Water will work, but I used a chemical to get the impurities off the blade. After that, start painting! The colors, amount of coats, and variation of design I'll leave up to you, make whatever style of doppler you want! Mine is somewhere between a phase II and black pearl. Make sure not to layer the paint to thickly to prevent runs, and cover the pieces around the pivot screw with tape. This will keep your oppening and closing from feeling gritty because of the paint.

Step 4: How to Add the Doppler Pattern.

This whole process is easy enough. First, get a bucket of water ready. After that, take your plastic bag, and let a long spray into it with the black paint, make sure you have enough to actually see the liquid paint in the bottom. Then, seal up the bag, and cut a small hole in one of the corners. Then slowly, drip some paint into the bucket. Since the paint is oil based it moves around on the surface and makes that awesome doppler pattern were looking for. Try it out on something else first, make sure your paint is going to work, find a pattern you like, find the right amount of paint to use. Then as soon as you swirl it around and find a pattern you like, take your knife and dip it it the bucket, horizontaly, flat to the water. How I did this is with a small magnet and an allen wrench, and that worked great. Dip it under the surface, wait a few seconds to let the paint to disperse on the surface again, then draw it back up. This will coat both sides with paint in one dip, and it keeps the pattern on both sides as well. DO NOT SET THE PIECES DOWN FLAT, hang them up through the screw holes to dry. Let it dry well before touching it. After around half and hour dab it with a paper towel to get the water droplets off.

Step 5: Reassembly and Finishing

The only things left to do are to put the knife back together, then scrape the paint off the knife's edge. I used a razor blade for that. Then your done, have fun with your weapon! Just to note that really this is for display, and unless you want it battle scarred, I would keep it as a shelf- piece.

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    Hello where did you buy that knife from?