How to Paint Stripes on a Textured Wall

Introduction: How to Paint Stripes on a Textured Wall

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Have you seen those commercials that advertise a “special” tape that leave a crisp, clean line when you paint a strip? Well have you notice that the walls are nice and smooth? What if you have a textured wall?

In this video I show you how to paint a nice crisp, clean line on a textured wall. All of the walls in my house have a textured finish on them, so its hard to paint a nice clean line. I came across this problem when I wanted to paint some strips in my daughters room. You cant put a piece of tape on the wall and start painting. If you do, the paint will seep behind the tape because of the “little bumps”. Enjoy!


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    6 years ago

    Thanks...I have to do a repair job on some gray stripes done by a previous tenant. I think I'll go with a sage green. This will be done tomorrow...wish me luck (I need it).