How to Paint Vinyl Shutters

Introduction: How to Paint Vinyl Shutters

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Do you have Vinyl shutters, that are dull or you want to change the color. Well you can, My shutters was White years ago, I painted them Hunter Green. Now after years of being outside, the paint is wearing down. In this Instructable I will show you the process to change the color or just freshen them up.

You will need the following:

Of coarse Shutters, either new or old

Paint, I like to use the Rustoluem in Spray cans

Dish washing soap


Sponge or scrubbing pad



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Step 1: Clean

First thing you need to do, is take the shutters down. Then give them a good bath, using a brush and scrubbing pad. Wet them down real good and clean away all the dirt and grime.

If they have any loose paint or chips. You will need to do some light sanding. Just remember to wash them off if you have to do this.

Then let the shutters dry real good before continuing.

Step 2: Paint

I placed my shutters one at a time on my Painting pad, you can find how I made it here. If you don't have a Painting pad, use some cardboard boxes or news papers.

I used Rustoluem Black Spray Paint, made for plastic

Start with painting the ends and sides. Then paint the hard to reach spots, then start at the top or bottom of the shutter, spraying about 10 to 12 inches from the shutter. Allow the first coat to dry a few minutes then spray a additional coat. Two coats should be enough, if the paint also has primer built in, you might get by with one coat.

Allow your paint to dry overnight.

Step 3: Finish

Now that your shutters has dried, Hang them back up and enjoy your new look. I liked my Green shutters a few years ago, but now I think the Black looks so much better. Remember that you can use any color that you like.

I hope you liked this simple Instructable.

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