How to Paint With Vegetables

Vegetables make great painting and inking tools. Anything from asparagus to amputated potatoes can give you unique (and aromatic!) marks. Making use of bruised and otherwise "unfit" vegetables as creative tools is a great sustainable practice as well because it promotes re-use of items marked as "waste".

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Step 1: Prepare Your Vegetables

In this demo I used a sweet potato, a scallion (with the roots attached), a carrot stick and a sprouting onion. The only prep work that was really needed was on the scallion. I stripped away the leaves to reveal the bulb of the scallion below (with its roots still attached). I chopped the carrot to a reasonable size and after experimenting with dipping the tip of the sweet potato, I chopped the top off to reveal a flat area for dipping.

Step 2: Go at It!

Experiment with different pressures to create different types of lines. Use the blunt ends of the vegetables to press shapes and discover a variety of textures.

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