How to Paint a Butterfly in Acrylic for Beginners

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Canvas Paint brushes

Acrylic paint set


Tissue paper

HB pencil

Carbon Paper

Reference Image:

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Step 1: Trace Your Image

use carbon paper to trace your image onto your canvas.

Step 2: Extend the Lines

if your image is smaller than your canvas, extend the lines of the twigs, etc so it touches the edge of the canvas

Step 3: Create a Gradient

start painting the butterfly by painting a gradient - check out the video for more details

Step 4: Fill in the Background

paint the background in whatever colour you'd like. to find out how to make a blurry background, check out the video

Step 5: Paint the Flower

for this step you don't have to make the flower very detailed because it is not the main focus in the picture - a blurry painted flower will work better because this will make the butterfly stand out more

Step 6: Add the Black

add the black lines - for more details on how to do this, check out the video

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