How to Paint a Car With Spray Paint Art With Household Materials

Introduction: How to Paint a Car With Spray Paint Art With Household Materials

About: Alisa Amor teaches airbrushing techniques that come from the world of Mexican spray paint art. She has been a street painting artist for over 20 years. She enjoys modifying spray paint art techniques for u...


Car spray paint or regular spray paint, compatible gloss coat, compatible spray primer for cars, masking tape,duct tape or painters tape, newspaper, plates, palette knife (or just use a torn piece of cardboard if you don't have one), poster board, spray paint mask, fan if needed (for ventilation), sand paper if needed

Note: do a patch test if your primer, spray paints or gloss are different brands. You can do this on a small piece of metal or poster board. Make sure they combine without issue before using them on your car.

You can go to and fill in the form to get a free materials list that reviews different brands of spray paint and other materials.

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Step 1: Prepare the Space

It's best to spray paint outdoors and use a spray paint mask with organic vapor cartridges to protect yourself from spray paint fumes. If you need more airflow to direct the spray paint away from you, use some fans or other ventilation equipment.

Set out your spray cans and shake them. Have other materials handy.

Step 2: Prepare the Car

If there are rough or rusty spots, sand them and prime them. Make sure the car is free of dust.

Step 3: Cover Up Spots

When the primer is dry use the masking tape to cover up spots that you don't want to paint. Alternatively you can use duct tape or painters tape. Use the newspaper to cover big areas like windows. Make sure the tape is firmly pressed down so that there is no paint seeping underneath it. You can spray a light coat of clear along the edges of the tape that are on the surface to be painted. Let this dry before proceeding. This will ensure that the line is very straight.

Step 4: Follow the Instructions

Follow the instructions in this video to paint your design on the car!

Step 5:

When your paint is dry, apply the gloss coat

Step 6:

When Gloss coat is dry, remove the masking tape and newspaper. If paint has gotten into places you do not want it, you can use a solvent and a rag to remove it.

Step 7:

If you have questions, email Alisa Amor at for help.

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