How to Paint a Cars Themed Kids Mirror



My son is quite the Disney Cars fan and due to his slight obsession with the little red hot rod I've recently been on a mission to redecorate his room with everything Cars. In my attempt to give my little one his own personal space I decided a mirror would be a nice addition. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a ready made Cars mirror so I set out to make my own, the inspiration is Lightning McQueen's white wall tires! This is a do-it-yourselfer's dream; quick, easy, and worth it.

Materials you will need:

  • Mirror with at least a 3 inch frame (new or used)
  • white paint primer
  • red furniture paint
  • black furniture paint
  • white furniture paint
  • foam paint brushes x2
  • painter's tape

Skill Level: Easy

Time:1 day project


As we all know glass can break, for safety reasons shatterproof mirrors are recommended. If you do not have one make sure to properly mount the mirror to the wall to minimize the risk of it shattering.


Make sure to do all painting in well ventilated area.

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Step 1: Tape, Tape, Tape

Tape the mirror around the edges to protect the mirror from any paint.

Step 2: Prime Time

With one of the foam brushes, prime the entire frame of the mirror, allow to dry. (I waited 30 minutes before applying another coat - allow to dry a second time)

Step 3: White Walls

Paint the entire frame with white paint, since you primed already only one coat is necessary. This white will serve as the "white wall" of the tire. Allow to dry ( I waited 1 hour)

Step 4: More Tape!

Now that you have a nice white frame, tape off the outside of the frame and leave about .5 inch of inner frame to be painted.

Step 5: Red Rims

Using a foam brush, paint the inner frame with the red paint, 1-2 coats should do. (allow to dry 30 minutes between each coat for best results)

Step 6: Last Tape!

Once the red paint is completely dry, remove the tape and apply new tape over the red section and about 1 inch of the white paint (depending on how big of a white wall you want).

Step 7: Final Painting

Paint the remaining un-taped sections with the black paint. (I did 2 coats and allowed them to dry 30 minutes between each coat)

Step 8: You Are the New Piston Cup Champion!

Remove all remaining tape and enjoy your new Cars inspired mirror!

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    I like the inspiration!