How to Paint a Water Drop in Oil Paint | Step by Step

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Reference Image:



Paint brushes

Acrylic paint set

Water Tissue paper

Turpentine - any will do. I like to get a 5L bottle at the hardware store

Oil Paint - I absolutely love this set:

Palettes - one for acrylic and one for oil paint

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Step 1: Paint Your Background First

paint your background first, cover the entire canvas by making strokes in the same direction as the vanes of the leaf is running.

i usually start of by dipping my brush in the turpentine and mixing that with the paint in order to make it a bit more runny. dont use more than this, otherwise your paint will be too transparent and youll have to do more than one layer to get a solid colour

Step 2: Remember to Paint the Sides

remember to paint the sides of your canvas too! this is especially important if youre not planning on framing the painting once youre done. i usually like just painting the sides anyways in case i change my mind on if i want to frame it or not.

Step 3: Paint the Shadow of the Drops

you can check out the video for more details on this, but you need to start off by painting all the dark areas you see on the reference image.

Step 4: Paint the Medium Tones

paint the main colour of the drops, remember it will be sharp on the one side of the drop and then fade out to the other side. this gives us that transparent look we want.

Step 5: Add Your Light Spots

now its time to go in with some white with a clean brush to add the light spots. it really helps to just focus on what the shapes of the light areas are when youre painting a water drop. try to copy the shape of the light spot exactly

check out the video for more details :)

Step 6: Reinforce Your Shadows

go back and reinforce your shadows by using an even darker green you've used at the beginning. you're not going to put this everywhere, just check the reference for where the very darkest areas are.

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