How to Paint an Eye Step by Step\real Time\for Beginners in Acrylic

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this video was filmed at a community art space where i gave a class on how to paint this exact painting - you can actually hear my students asking questions in between as well

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Reference Image:



Paint brushes

Acrylic paint set


Tissue paper Carbon Paper (optional)

HB pencil

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Step 1: Trace or Draw the Image Onto Your Canvas

if youre tracing the image, you can use carbon paper to transfer it onto your canvas. watch the video on how to do this

Step 2: Start Adding in the Dark Areas

focus on the eye lid, and the shadows around the eye

to make dark brown, add a touch of dark blue to your medium brown. try not to use black at all - it might make paints appear muddy

Step 3: Add the Skin Tone

add the skin tone of your choice - my go to skin tone, regardless of how dark or light the skin is, is to mix some orange and white. from there i will add a variety of pinks, greens, etc as i go. be sure to check out the video for more info on this

Step 4: Paint the Flower

again, start off with dark red, which you can mix using dark green and red and then add the bright red on the top petals of the flower

Step 5: Paint the White of the Eye

remember its never just plain white, you need to mix the white with a touch of blue and sometimes grey for the shadow areas

Step 6: Paint the Iris and Pupil

the iris should be pitch black, remember to leave a light spot on the eye - this makes the eye look full of life. without it the painting looks really dull. make sure you use a variety of blues for the eye

Step 7: Add the Eyelashes

use a flat brush to do this - i explain in detail how to make the lashes in the video

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