How to Pair and Use Apple Pencil With IPad Pro

Introduction: How to Pair and Use Apple Pencil With IPad Pro

There may be times when you require greater precision while using the iPad Pro. In this regards, Apple pencil was designed to increase the versatility of the tablet's multi-touch.

Apple Pencil is available to iPad Pro users worldwide, even in India. Whether or not you've seen the Apple pencil, it will feel familiar when you pick it up. There are so many things you can do with it!

However, before you can fully take advantage of the Apple Pencil, you need to learn how to use it. The process starts with pairing it with your iPad Pro

Step 1: Pair the Apple Pencil With IPad Pro

Before the Apple Pencil can be used, it has to be paired with the iPad Pro. Follow these steps to complete the pairing process

(1) Switch on the iPad you intend to pair the Apple Pencil with.

(2) Uncap the Pencil.

(3) Plug in the Apple Pencil into the iPad. The Bluetooth pairing request pops on.

(4) Click on Pair.

Now your iPad and Pencil are paired and you can now use them together with ease, and it will remain paired for future use. However, when your iPad is restarted or turned on flight mode, you will need to pair the Apple Pencil again before you can use it.

Step 2: Start Using the Apple Pencil

With Apple Pencil, you have the power to draw and sketch using the full pressure sensitivity on your iPad along with tilt control, side shading, and palm rejection. The Pencil serves as an awesome smart tool for hand-lettering and writing. It lets you take notes at minuscule sizes without line aberrations or lag.

Step 3: Check the Battery Level on Your Apple Pencil

Unlike most gadgets, Apple Pencil does not have a LED indicator on its body, and thus the battery status can not be physically seen. The only way you can check your the battery status is through the paired iPad. This is how it's done:

(1) Swipe your finger from the iPad Pro's top bezel downwards to bring up the Notification Center.

(2) At the top right, click on Widgets. Then you'll see different sections pop up.

(3) Click on at the top right, and see the battery details.

Step 4: Charge Your Apple Pencil

You will get a 'charge warning' when your Apple Pencil's battery gets low. Even without receiving the notification, you can still charge the pencil after checking the battery level manually. There are two ways to charge your Apple pencil- charging with your iPad Pro or with the Lightning adapter.

Charging with the iPad Pro

(1) Uncap the Apple Pencil

(2) Slot the Lightning Connector into the iPad Pro port

Charging with the Lightning Adapter

(1) Uncap the Apple Pencil

(2) Slot in the lightning conductor

(3) Plug the Lightning Adapter into a light lightning cable

Step 5: Unpairing Your Apple Pencil From IPad Pro

Your paired Apple Pencil and iPad Pro will become unpaired if the iPad restarts, is switched to Flight Mode or when the Pencil is paired with another iPad Pro. However, when the need arises, you can unpair them manually by following these steps

(1) Launch the Settings app from the home screen of the iPad Pro

(2)Tap on Bluetooth

(3) Under my device section, tap on the info button

(4) Tap on Forget

Step 6: Replacing the Tip of Apple Penci

If your Apple Pencil's tip becomes worn or damaged, it is
recommended that you replace it. An extra tip is included in the box. Also, you can buy more just in case you have a need for it. Unscrew the tip and then screw the new tip to replace it.

Step 7: Fixing the Apple Pencil When It Refuses to Work

In most cases, the Apple pencil works. However, if for one reason or the other, you are experiencing issues, here is how to try to fix it

(1) Make sure the tip is tightened

The tip of the Apple Pencil might come off owing to the fact that it can get worn out over time. In this case, a replacement should be made with the one that shipped with the box. Because of this substitution, it can go loose and then you still need to tighten it again. In compressing the tip of the Apple Pencil, ensure not to apply enough pressure.

(2) Restart the iPad Pro
Sometimes, the problem is from the iPad and not the Pencil. Rebooting the iPad can help to get both of them running again. You can choose to turn your iPad Pro off and on. Also, you can perform a hard reset if you think there is a need for it. Whichever way, things should get working again.

(3) Re-Pair
Check the Bluetooth settings to make sure the Pencil is connected. If it's not, reconnect it. After repairing, it doesn't work then it might be the time you contact the pros.

If doing all of this doesn't get it working again, consider taking it for further troubleshooting or change it in an Apple Store. If you don't reside near any of the Apple stores, then visit Apple's website.

Now enjoy using your Apple Pencil. You can purchase the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro in Apple stores and Online Stores for those in India.



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