How to Papercraft 3D Models Out of Plexiglass (2 VIDEOS!)




Introduction: How to Papercraft 3D Models Out of Plexiglass (2 VIDEOS!)

About: See my DeviantArt page for all my free papercraft templates: is where my professional papercraft templates & sewing patterns will soon be available...

It has been brought to my attention that plexiglass can be purchased in colors, thereby all but eliminating the need to paint it. However, at least now you know what to use if you can't find it in the color you want, or just don't want to mess around with mail order.

In the first video, I forgot to cover how to adjust the blade tension of your coping saw. That's kinda important if you've never used one before and just bought your first one. (Also, a coping saw is not to be confused with a "jewelers saw" which is the same thing but with a finer, very fragile blade, and intended for cutting sheet-metal.) For either saw, to adjust the tension, you bend the frame of the saw in on itself while you're inserting the blade. You know that the tension is "right" if you can pluck the saw blade like the string of an instrument. Too tight, the note will be very high, and your blade could break while you're working. Too loose, plucking it may not make a "note" at all, and the blade will wobble while you're trying to saw, possibly even break. Hope that description helps, at least until I can make more tutorials.

Link to download my Zar'roc sword papercraft (4.6MB)

Link to download my Atlantis necklace papercraft (374KB)

Ruby ~ Materials and Approximate Cost in USD
- Free papercraft template
- 8.5'' x 11'' paper  = depending on you region, odds are you have it
- Snap knife = $4
- Cutting mat = $10
- Paper glue of your choice = $? (The Shadow knows!)
- Plexiglass sheet = $1 per square-foot
- Coping saw = $8
- Metal file = $1 - $10 (the type with crosshatched grooves, whatever it's called)
- "#33" (acrylic glue) = $4
- Krylon Metals Red Spray Paint = $5

Crystal ~ Materials and Approximate Cost in USD
- Free Papercraft Template
- 8.5'' x 11'' Paper
- Snap knife
- Cutting mat
- Paper glue of your choice
- Plexiglass sheet
- Coping saw
- Metal file
- "#33" (acrylic glue)
- Tulip brand blue glow-in-the-dark dimensional fabric paint = $4
- Hot glue and glue gun = $5 - $15
- Strong pliers = $2
- Half of a large brass colored chain link = $0.5 ....?
- Thin strip of brass = $2
- Folk Art brand "Metallic Inca Gold"  acrylic poster paint = $2 (Matches brass well and photographs like how gold looks in cartoons!)
- Small paint brush = $1
- 2ft of necklace chain or leather cord = $1.20/yd (I got my chain by-the-yard at a fabric surplus place)

- And for both, yourself, of course.
- A LOT of patience!

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    9 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Very nice results! I may attempt a rupee from Legend of Zelda if I can find/make a pattern. Where go you buy your plexiglass?

    Eu Tyto Alba
    Eu Tyto Alba

    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks! I got my plexiglass at Ace Hardware.

    Here's a rupee papercraft designed by Paperjuke:


    7 years ago on Introduction

    What a fancy technique! The finished models are beautiful. :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome project but I am new to Papercraft and need some easy projects at first. Can you give me any easy Pepakuras i can start with?

    Eu Tyto Alba
    Eu Tyto Alba

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Are you looking for easy papercrafts in general, or ones to try making out of plexiglass? I've just updated this tutorial to include an example of a plexiglass pendant which I would rate at intermediate difficulty... Making it out of paper is quite easy, though.

    There's also The Papercraft Museum which has thousands of free Pepakura files (, Tektonten's blog which has a particularly awesome collection (, and my own DeviantArt page which focuses on life-size props and costume parts ( Mine are usually quite detailed, but being large makes them easier. :-)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    The jem is pretty cool, but your sword is downright AMAZING! Did I hear you right that you used resin on it or something? If you make the other one, you'll HAVE TO post a tutorial!!!

    Eu Tyto Alba
    Eu Tyto Alba

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yep, automotive fiberglass resin, but applying that to papercraft is becoming more and more commonplace, mainly with Halo and Ironman cosplay armor. TheHeroTutorials on YouTube already have topnotch information on how to do that, including suggestions for alternative resins with no odor! (When I resined Zar'roc, all the doors and windows of my house were closed, and I worked outside, yet my house still fumed up as though the vapors had passed through the very brick!) If I develop any original techniques though, I will be sure to share them. :-)

    I'm glad you like the sword. ^__^ Maybe I should have mentioned that there are 38 other templates in my DeviantArt gallery as well. Mostly Kingdom Hearts stuff. xD