How to Peel Egg in the Best Way!

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Hi Guys!

In this fast Instructables i show the best way for Peel a egg!
You need only a glass of water.

Check my video Below for see this special Tricks:

i really love this type of tricks because is really awesome and very fast, but this Fanstastic idea isn't my,
The original inventor is Micah Media, his video being viral and totalized over 10 million of view!

Check his video on youtube : "How to Quickly Peel a Boiled Egg in a Glass of Water"

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Step 1: Boil the Eggs

You only fill a pan with water and Boil your eggs.

The egg need about 10 or 15 minute to boil well...

if you not sure if the eggs it's boiled or not, you can try another easy trick!

Lay two eggs on the table, one boiled and one not.

get a spin of two eggs...what you see?

the Boiled egg spin much faster than the other egg!

Step 2: The Best Part!

Now you only get a little bit of water in a glass and put the egg inside.

Close the top of the glass with your hand and....


After 10 seconds you can se the peel of the egg separate really easy, wash your egg under the water and ...just eat!

thank you so much for yor attention and Follow my account here on Instructables or subrscibe on my channel on Youtube on this link:

I' am Ludvic! see you to the next time!



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