How to Peel Off Your Skin! (with Makeup)




helloo and welcome to peeling your skin with makeup :)

Step 1: Watch the Video!

it would help me out a lot :) leave a likey if you like it!

Step 2: Make a Skin Flap!

a little preparation is always good.

before doing this trick it's the best to make a skin flap first.
I did this by pouring liquid latex on a hard surface and let it dry. then you can paint it with your concealer/foundation. powder all sides to make sure it doesn't stick to itself

Step 3: Trace the Part Where You're Gonna Peel

lay the skin flap over your face to see how much area it covers. trace the area with a white eyeliner pencil so you know exactly where you can paint.

Step 4: Foundation

fill in the rest of your face with the same foundation you used to paint your skin flap with. this will help even out the skintones and make it seem more realistic

Step 5: Fill in Your Brows

fill in your open brow and make sure to paint one on your skin flap!

Step 6: Reference!

To make sure that the exposed layer of muscle underneath your skin is gonna look correct, it's best to use a reference. you can google images if it's not to grotesque for you, or you can use muscle drawing references such as a book!

Step 7: Trace the Muscles

Trace the muscles with red facepaint and fill them in! (or you can just fill in everything expect the bone areas and then trace the muscles over it again)

Step 8: Fill in the Bone Areas

according to my reference, a couple of areas would have exposed bone.

I filled these in with white bodypaint and put a little bit of yellow over it so they don't look too white.

Step 9: Fill in the Muscle Area

Fill in the muscle area with red facepaint, and mix red with black facepaint to draw on the muscle strings (lines)

Step 10: Add Highlights

use white facepaint and a small brush to brush on highlights on the center part of the muscles

Step 11: Shade the Bones

use a matte grey eyeshadow to shade the edges of the bone areas. blend it well :)

Step 12: Shading the Muscles

use a grey or black matte eyeshadow to shade the muscles. shade the most around the edges and where more muscles join

Step 13: Highlights

use white matte eyeshadow to add some more highlight and to soften the highlight you applied before. softening the painted lines will make it look more realistic

Step 14: Make It Look Wet

considering the fact that you would rip off your skin the muscle are is probably pretty wet with body liquid and all kinds of nasty stuff. plus muscles are usually also a little wet and shiny. you can recreate this by using a dewy setting spray.

Step 15: Bruising

you can add bruising around the 'torn' part of your face using a bruise wheel and a brush or sponge

Step 16: Cutting Out the Eye Part

put the latex piece over your face and use a pencil to trace your eye. then (of course away from your face) cut out the eye shape

Step 17: Attaching the Skin Flap

apply spirit gum around the edges of your muscle area and tap it to make it sticky. then apply the skin flap on top of it

Step 18: Covering the Edges

cover the edges with latex to blend them out and make it look more realistic.
the more your pull of your skin flap and put it back on again, the worse the edges will get.

so best not to do it too much, unless you wanna keep on working on the edges

Step 19: DONE!

you're finished! whooohoo!

now you can use this trick for some nice photo's or to scare the hell out of people :)




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    2 years ago

    How do you use it again after completely peeling it off?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    You can use it again but the edges will be way more visible. you can try to blend them away but the more you do that, the thicker they will become


    Reply 2 years ago

    you don't have to like it, but next time please leave only one comment (preferably CC) :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Oh did I leave more? Sorry about that. And remember, talented for sure. :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    no apparently it was a glitch (really weird) thankyou :)


    2 years ago

    So realistic,,,,better than computer graphics

    1 reply