How to Peel a Kiwi Using a Spoon




Introduction: How to Peel a Kiwi Using a Spoon

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Anyone who has ever peeled a kiwi, either for slicing or just plain eating, knows that it can be a sticky, prickly, headache. This demonstrates how simple it can be to peel one quickly and easily with a spoon.

Step 1: Why a Spoon?

Lets first take a look at methods of peeling a kiwi:

Peeler = using a peeler often smashes the fruit, it is time consuming, and leaves those prickly hairs every where.
Fingers= using your fingers is a sticky mess, leaving juice dripping down your sleeves, and chunks of peel sticking to your fingers.
Spoon=using a spoon is fast, relatively mess free, keeps the fruit intact, and doesn't shave all those pesky prickly hairs off. 

So let's perform this magic trick...

Step 2: Getting Started

To begin you will need:

A ripe kiwi
A spoon 
A knife
A plate or cutting board

To get things started, take your knife and gently cut off one end of the kiwi. It is best to do this on a plate or cutting board to prevent scratching your table top/counter.

Step 3: Spooning

To spoon the kiwi:

`Insert the spoon just beneath the skin on the cut end, with the cupped side facing the fruit. 
`Push the spoon under the skin towards the other end of the kiwi.
`Sweep your spoon around the fruit just beneath the skin until you come full circle.

NOTE: If you just plan on eating it yourself you can just eat it by the spoonful straight out of the peel, using the skin as a natural "cup" then throw away the peel when you are done. It's a fast, mess free snack.

Step 4: Remove the Peel

At this point the skin/peel of the kiwi will be very loose around the fruit.

To remove it:
`Gently push the fruit out of the peel
`fold the peel back over the attached end of the kiwi.
`Now take your knife and cut off the peel & remaining end of the kiwi.
`You can now slice your perfectly naked kiwi into slices for everyone to enjoy



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    19 Discussions

    Why peel? Do it the NZ way and eat with skin.

    1. The kiwifruit skin is completely edible and makes this nutrient-dense fruit even more nutritious! A recent study shows that eating the skintriples the fiber intake compared to merely eating the flesh. And by not peeling the skin, you preserve much of the vitamin C content as well.
    2 replies

    Have you ever tried to eat a yellow kiwi with the skin? The taste is awful! Normally, I eat green kiwi with the skin but, with the yellow one, I have to peel it for the sake of my taste buds! ;)

    You are absolutely correct! I agree, that is the way to go. I do eat it with the skin on occasionally as well. It's mainly for cosmetic purposes when they will be displayed :)

    Love this tip! Can't wait to try it! Thanks

    Great :D!
    I recently bought a new home and it has a kiwi tree in the garden :) I alway ate kiwis cutting them in the middle and eating the fruit with a spoon directly from the peel.

    I've tried the spoon trick (in fact some kiwi's sold come with something that I can only call a spork, though Zespri calls it a Spife --> Every try has ended up with either a squished kiwi, kiwi with 'fur' all over.

    Will be keen on trying this soon to see if it works.

    3 replies

    Really? I just use one of my regular kitchen spoons, and it works AWESOME every time. Is the one they provide plastic? I've never tried plastic but I would imagine it wouldn't sweep the inside as nicely because it would be too flexible. Give it a try my way and let me know. :)

    The Zespri version is a firm plastic, the knife portion works pretty well. My biggest issue is mostly either me applying too much pressure and squashing the fruit, or just making a mess with the 'fur' all over the fruit and I have to wash it for hours :)

    I just looked at theirs and noticed they say to cut the kiwi in half. I only cut the end off off mine. That may make the difference because I would think it would work better to have more of the skin holding the spoon against the fruit.

    I tried your link but it didn't work. I'm assuming there are some on youtube. If so NICE!!! The more the merrier!

    I've always loved kiwis but I love them even more now that I can eat them mess free.

    Fantastic! I've been eating kiwi since I was very young, but I've never seen it done this way. :)