How to Perform the Card Counting Magic Trick

Introduction: How to Perform the Card Counting Magic Trick

Welcome to the card counting magic trick! This instruct able will teach you how to perform the very interesting card counting magic trick and leave your friends and families stunned and amazed.

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Step 1: Setting the Trick Up

Get a deck of cards.
Open the deck of cards.
Find a subject to perform the trick on.
Ask them how their day was.

Show them the deck.
Shuffle the deck.
Let the subject choose a card.
Split the deck into 3 equal piles to the best of your ability.
Know which pile contains the bottom card.

Step 2: The Tricky Part

Tell subject to place card on any pile they desire
          1. If the subject places the card on the pile WITH the known bottom card, give each pile a cut(split the pile in half, and put the    bottom half on the top), and MAKE SURE THE KNOWN CARD IS ON TOP OF THE SUBJECTS CHOSEN CARD.
          2. If the subject places the card on a pile WITHOUT the known bottom card, put the pile   
with the known bottom card on top of the pile that the subject placed their card on.
Give the deck another cut or two, careful not to separate the known card with the subjects card, and make sure you remember what the bottom card is. VERY important.

Step 3: Finding the Subjects Card

With the top of the deck FACING you, begin taking cards from the top and placing them
face up into 5 different piles UNTIL you see the KNOWN BOTTOM CARD.

As soon as you see the card, without hesitation, start a sixth pile WITH THE VERY NEXT CARD, because you know that the card right after the known bottom card is the SUBJECTS CHOSEN CARD, because you put the known card on top of the subjects card in the previous step.

Step 4: The Counting Part

REMEMBER the value of the subjects card, and put several cards on top of the subjects chosen card, so that the pile will not seem different from the rest.

Step 5:

Now, start the seventh and final pile by putting down a number of cards equal to the number of letters that spells out the subjects chosen card (see image).

If you run out of cards by the time you get to this step, pick up a pile from the five pile you put down previously (the piles that DON'T matter) and begin counting them in your head as you put them down.

Step 6:

Collect all the different piles. The ONLY piles that are important are the ones containing the Subjects chosen card,(which should be at the bottom of that pile) and the pile containing the a number of cards equal to the value of the subjects chosen card(counted pile).

MAKE SURE to put the counted pile on top of the pile with the subjects chosen card, and put the rest of the cards on the bottom of the deck.

Step 7: Wrapping Up

Now, begin putting the cards down face up, and after each card, say the corresponding letter of the subjects card. After you have spelled out the subjects card, the VERY NEXT CARD will be the subjects card.

Pat yourself on the back you boss.

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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago

    But how with all these shuffles and cuts does the known bottom card remain somewhere we know


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    you must make sure that the known bottom card is DIRECTLY on top of the subjects chosen card. As long as you remember the CARD ON TOP of the subjects chosen card, you know the subjects chosen card.