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Tubular peyote stitch is especially fun and I’ve found, creates a gorgeous pattern when you change the bead color you’re using in each round. This pattern from Beading Daily’s free Peyote Stitch Patterns eBook stuck out at me for its vivid colors, and for the increases and decreases throughout the peyote rope. It actually turns out to be much simpler than it looks though, because the amazing twist effect is achieved by using different sized seed beads. Once you get the hang of the spiraling stitches, you can have a peyote stitch bracelet made in no time!

Materials used:
10 g lime green opaque size 11° Japanese seed beads (A)
10 g turquoise opaque size 8° Japanese seed beads (B)
10 g salmon opaque size 8° Czech seed beads (C)
10 g lavender luster size 8° seed beads (D)
15 g amethyst translucent size 6° Japanese seed beads (E)
15 g lavender milky size 6° Czech or Japanese seed beads (F)
15 g silver-lined orange transparent size 6° Japanese seed
beads (G)
1 lime green 17mm plastic shank buttonSmoke FireLine 6 lb
beading thread
Size 11 or 12 beading needle
Technique: Peyote Stitch

Find the rest of the complete pattern and other peyote stitch patterns here:



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