How to Photograph a Lit Jack-o-lantern



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Taking a decent photo of a lit jack-o-lantern can be difficult, but you needn’t have a fancy camera.

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Step 1: Have Good Light Inside Your Pumpkin.

Make sure you have enough light inside your pumpkin. I prefer to use a pumpkin light (found at a dollar store) and a small flash light, instead of a candle.

Step 2: Dark Room

Have a room that can get very dark. Sit your pumpkin on something; a stand, a table, a stool…

Step 3: Tripod

It’s best to use a tripod since you’ll be having a longer exposure. If you don’t have one, sit your camera on a stool or table or something sturdy that is at the right height to shoot the pumpkin.

Step 4: Put the Camera on the Tripod

Check to see that the pumpkin fills the frame, and that it is in focus.

Step 5: Don't Use the Flash

You will not be using a flash at all. Most cameras will have a “no flash” option, set that. (The “no flash” icon – looks like a cross between a lightning bolt and a no parking sign.) If you don’t have that option and your flash automatically comes on, then use something to block it the best you can.

Step 6: Light Up Your Pumpkin

Turn off the room’s light. (The only light should be the light from inside the pumpkin.) Snap your picture!

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