How to Pick a Lock With Bobby Pins


Introduction: How to Pick a Lock With Bobby Pins

This brief tutorial will teach you how to pick a lock with nothing but bobby pins!

Step 1: Create Tools

Pick one of the bobby pins. Pull the two tends apart and stretch it until it is nearly straight. Remove the rubber tip from one end, and bend the rubber tip up at a slight angle. Bend the other end into a small handle in a way you can hold it easily. This bobby pin will be called a pick.

Step 2: Create Tools

Bend your other bobby pin into an "L" shape with a rounded end on one end, and the two ends of the bobby pin on the other end. These two bobby pins will be your tools.

Step 3: Pick the Lock

Insert the rounded edge of the L pin into the key hole. Turn it as if you were turning a key, it will create tension in key barrel that is needed to pick the lock. Keep this tension on the pin for the remaining steps.

Step 4: Pick the Lock

Slide pick into key hole on top of the L pin. Slide it in and feel for the pins which will be on top of the pick. When you find pins, push down on pick to lift pin up. Most pins will lift up and fall down freely. Continue lifting pins until you find a seized pin.

Step 5: Pick the Lock

Push down on pick slowly and carefully to lift seized pin. You will hear an audible "Click" when the pin is lined up properly.

Step 6: Pick the Lock

After the first seized pin is lined up, another pin will have seize. Find the next seized pin in the same fashion as the first. When the second seized pin is found, lift it up slowly until you hear another "click" which signals it is lined up.

Step 7: Pick the Lock

Repeat this process again with the next seized pin until you hear the "click" that signifies the pin is lined up.

Step 8: Pick the Lock

When all the pins are level, turn the L pin as if to unlock. With all of the pins level, it should turn completely and be unlocked. You've picked the lock!

Step 9: Oops!

If the key barrel is not turning and it is still locked, it is probable that a pin was pushed too far up. This can be solved by very slowly letting the tension on the L pin loose until you hear another click as the pin that was pushed too far up falls back into place.

Step 10: Try Again!

If the lock is still not opening it is possible that as you let off the tension to drop the high pin back into place, more than one pin dropped. If this is the case, you will need to restart from the beginning and realign all of the seized pins.



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