How to Pipe a Rose




Introduction: How to Pipe a Rose

In this instructable, you will learn how to pipe a simple rose. You will learn basic cake-decorating terminology and will be able to produce an aesthetically pleasing piece of art from the craft of cake decorating.

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Step 1: Your Materials

To pipe a rose, you will need the following:

  • Icing (I am using Brill's dyed buttercream icing, but any icing that holds its shape will work well).
  • A spoon.
  • A decorator bag (Some refer to this as a pastry bag).
  • A rose tip (I am using size #4, but any size will work. Smaller sizes need finer techniques).
  • A pair of scissors (Safety scissors work best because of the shape of their tips).
  • A decorating needle (This is the nail-like object with the round platform).

Step 2: The Decorator Bag

First, use the scissors to cut off the tip of the decorator bag so that the head of the rose tip fits through. If you cut too much off, the rose tip will slip out when you apply pressure to the bag. Remember, less is more (you can always cut more off if the need arises).

Second, place the rose tip inside the bag. The head should push through far enough to clear the head's slot, but you do not want the tip to go too far--or it will push out with the icing when you apply pressure.

Step 3: Filling and Holding the Decorator Bag

Use the spoon to fill the bag. Don't overfill the bag. If you have too much icing in the bag, it will be difficult to pipe the rose. A decent amount is about the size of your clenched fist. You want to be able to cup the filled decorator bag comfortably in you hand. Too much icing will reduce the control you have of the bag. You want complete control.

Also, the icing must hold its shape well, or you will not be able to pipe the precise curves of the rose. Your hand gives off heat, which will affect the icing's structure. Heat loosens the icing--you do not want the icing to be loose.

Step 4: Icing the Base of the Rose

Put the decorating needle in your non-dominate hand and then the decorator bag in your dominate hand. Place the long edge of the rose tip on the round base, and then gently squeeze to build the rose base. As you squeeze, slowly twist the decorating needle to create a rounding effect. You are making a cone shape. The height of the mound should be about the size of a quarter. As you do the final twist, slightly bring the rose tip out so that a small hole forms at the center. This is the center of the rose.

Step 5: Icing the First Row of Petals

With the long edge of the rose tip down, slowly squeeze the decorator bag to form one petal, making a rounded n-like (as in the letter n) movement. There will be three petals for the first row. The petal should extend about halfway above the round center. With a downward motion, release the pressure on the bag to finish the petal.

Repeat the step to form the second and third petals. You should have a nice beginning of a rose.

Step 6: Icing the Second Row of Petals

The second row consists of three petals. Each petal should slightly cover the meeting point of each of the first row of petals. You are basically concealing the meeting points to make a more aesthetically pleasing rose.

Step 7: Icing the Third Row of Petals

The third row consists of five petals. They should be slightly lower than the previous rows. You should hold the rose tip slightly more upright to create a wider petal. The more vertical the tip the wider the blooming effect will be. The five petals create balance. You can try a variety of petal combinations to create different flower appearances.

Step 8: Icing the Fourth Row of Petals

Continue the petal-icing process. Hold the rose tip so that it extends out to create a blooming effect. Four rows of petals create a nicely rounded rose in full bloom. Any more rows can cause too much weight and stress on the flower's base, so be careful if you add more.

Step 9: The Rose

Your rose is now complete. Enjoy the art of cake decorating and the many more flowers that you can do. There is an open field to experiment on the various ways you can shape the petals and form the overall effect of the rose. Enjoy!

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    3 years ago

    These are done beautifully! Amazing skills!