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Today I'll show you how to pit cherries without a pitter.

Watch my video here: Pit Cherries ( Kitchen Hack) !

Cherries are one of those summer fruits that are worth waiting for all year long -- there's nothing like eating them fresh when they're in season. The eating part is easy because you can spit out the pits, but baking or cooking with cherries is another thing entirely, because you have to go the extra mile to remove all those pits beforehand. I show you one of the easiest ways......

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Step 1: You Need:

- Cherries

- a chopstick or something like this

- an empty bottle

Step 2: Stalk

....first: Remove the stalk....

Step 3: The Bottle


Put the cherry on the bottle and press the chopsticks the fruit core out down

Ready !

I know my english is bad, but the trick is good :-)

Have a nice day !

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    3 years ago

    Great idea! Thank you.