Transferring a Picture Onto Wood




Introduction: Transferring a Picture Onto Wood

Supplies needed:

1. Pieces of wood to put your picture(s) on
2. Paint (your choice of color)
3. Paint brushes
4. Ribbon
5. Super glue
6. Sandpaper
7. Water and Elmer’s glue to mix for the Hod Podge
8. A container to shake the water and glue in
9. Printed pictures on regular printer paper (I found sepia and black and white photos looked best)

*This project took about 20 minutes to complete once I had the supplies and the cost was around 20 dollars but most of the items can be found around the house!

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Step 1: Painting the Wood

1.) After the supplies is bought take the pieces of wood, (I found small 5x7 thin pieces at Wal-Mart for 97 cents) and paint them any color of your choice, I found using sponge paint brushes leave less streaks throughout this whole process. Using black for black and white pictures looks really neat but I had left over pale blue paint and decided to use that this time to see how they turned out.

Step 2: Making the Hod Podge

2.) While your paint is drying go ahead and get your supplies for mixing up your own homemade Hod Podge. This is much cheaper and really easy to make.. just take Elmer’s glue and water and pour the same amount of each into a container and shake it up! (Just a side note, this mixture will dry with a matte finish).

Step 3: Placing the Picture on the Wood

3.) Cut your printed picture down to the desired size and use the Hod Podge to secure it to the piece of paper, keep in mind when you paint the Hod Podge on to the back of the paper the paper curls up so I recommend painting it onto the wood and then placing the picture down.

Step 4: Giving It a Vintage Look

4.) Take sand paper of your choice keeping in mind lower numbered sand paper is rougher and will distress the paper more and higher numbers have a finer grit. Use the sand paper to go around the edges of the picture and wood to give it a vintage look and blend it in to the wood until you are satisfied, in my opinion you can't really mess this part up. 

Step 5: Painting Hod Podge on Top of Picture

5.) Then taking your Hod Podge, with the paint brush, apply it directly over the picture and the front of the wooden piece.

Step 6: Adding Ribbon

6.) Finally, super glue two pieces of ribbon on the back and tie them up in a cute bow to hang on any wall! Keep in mind that silkier ribbon will result in a droopier bow and thicker ribbon will keep its form better.

Step 7: Other Examples!

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    5 Discussions

    Dumbie Blonde
    Dumbie Blonde

    5 years ago

    Do u have 2 have the picture face down or not


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Could this be cut up and made into a puzzle? Would it hold up to that?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I have several pieces of wood that already have prints on them, fruit and what not. I want to put my photos on them. Do I need to strip them first?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great project! I'm going to use this Instructable to make stuff for a craft sale!