How to Place an Image in Adobe Indesign

Introduction: How to Place an Image in Adobe Indesign

These instructions are great for Adobe Indesign beginners. Adobe Suites terminology is unique in comparison to similar design software, so hopefully a quick overview can guide individuals to successfully place (or import) an image into Indesign.

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Step 1: Click on "File," Located on the Top Left and Go Down and Click on "Place."

Step 2: A New Window Will Pop Up in the Center of the Screen. Select Your Image, and Then Click "Open."

Note: After completing this step, your cursor should now be replaced by a smaller, and fainter version of your selected image.

Step 3: Next, Move Your Cursor to Where You Want the Top Left Corner of Your Image to Be Located, and Drag It Down Towards the Bottom Right of the Screen.

Note: Consider the placement and size of your image during this step (3).

Step 4: If Steps 1-3 Are Done Correctly, Your Selected Image Should Now Appear on Your Document.

Note: If your image looks fuzzy, consider using "Shift+W" to see your image overview. The pixels should be as crisp as they were when you saved them. If not, consider re-sizing your image or placing a larger version.

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    Awww, thank you! Feel free to follow me, if you'd like! I plan on doing a series for the Adobe Suites! Your posts look awesome as well!