How to Plan Your Wedding

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Planning your wedding takes a lot of organisation to make sure that your special day is as perfect as it can be. To help make your day a stress-free memorable one, follow these steps and you'll have the day you'll always remember.

Step 1: One Year Before the Big Day

  • Record your inspirations and desires you'd like for your wedding.
  • Choose the family and friends that you'd like to be in your wedding party and begin your guest list.
  • Set a budget on how much money you'd like to spend on your wedding day.
  • Have a look at wedding venues to book an ideal date and an officiant.
  • Begin looking for bands, photographers and florists.

Step 2: Nine Months Before the Big Day

  • Book your entertainments (photography, bands) and don't forget to check them out beforehand.
  • Meet your caterers if your venue doesn't supply food.
  • Dress fittings, book at least 3 fittings.
  • Those traveling to your wedding, will need accommodation.
  • To keep everyone on track with your wedding day, create a social media group with information including your big day.

Step 3: Six Months Before the Big Day

  • After getting your dress, remember to get the bridesmaids dresses.
  • Buy your wedding shoes, take them with you to your dress fitting to check the length of the dress against the shoes.
  • Buy your invitations with the same theme as your wedding and send off your save-the-date.
  • Book a florist, and book transport for you and your guests.
  • Plan the ceremony with your officiant, and pick the music that you would like to be played.
  • Book the wedding breakfast and the date of the rehearsal ceremony.
  • Schedule practice sessions with your hair and make up artists to achieve the look you'd like for your wedding day.
  • Try samples for the wedding cake, and then order the ideal one.

Step 4: Three Months Before the Big Day

  • Make sure to finalise information with florist and caterers so that there isn't mistakes on the day.
  • Remember to get the wedding favours.
  • Make sure everyone knows their role on the day and what they're doing (speeches).
  • Remember, don't forget the sexy underwear.
  • Make sure to buy the rings, and make sure they fit.
  • Print the menus for the day and the order of service brochures.

Step 5: Almost Near the Big Day

  • Send the invitations to the guests, and just in case, check in with all the vendors.
  • Make sure to get your marriage licence (or you'll have a problem on the day).
  • Make sure with everyone that they are available to attend the rehearsals.
  • Have another dress fitting, just in case.
  • Remember to stock the bar with drinks.

Step 6: A Few Weeks Before the Big Day

  • Check in on the RSVP's.
  • Chase up the vendors and check the dates for the hair and make up appointments.
  • If there are any final payments, make them as much as you can.
  • Check that the drivers know the destination for the day.
  • Get gifts for your bridesmaids.
  • Prepare the seating for the big day.
  • Write your vows, saying something special.

Step 7: The Week of the Wedding Day

  • Have a final check with the vendors, just in case.
  • Give your bridal party small jobs and send timelines.
  • Collect your wedding dress for your wedding day.
  • On the day, make sure the prepare the payments for the vendors (tips and cheques).
  • Have a spa day and a manicure to relax and prepare yourself for the wedding.
  • Wear your wedding shoes as much as you can to break them in.
  • Make sure to pack your things for your honeymoon.
  • Get your beauty sleep for the big day.



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