How to Plan a Wine Tasting Party

Introduction: How to Plan a Wine Tasting Party

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So you are hosting your first wine tasting event and looking for wine tasting party ideas.

Wine tasting parties are for those days or nights you want to gather your friends for some fun. Unlike dinner or cocktail parties, wine tasting requires less shopping and preparation.

Here are a few ideas you can incorporate in your wine party.

Step 1: Step 1: Pick a Theme

When planning a wine party, the first step I would do is to pick a theme. There are many wines to choose from. To pare down the choices of wine, you should pick a theme.

Just like having “Pasta Night” when having a food party, my favorite theme for wine parties is “Tuscan Wines.”

Having a theme will make party planning a walk in the park because it is easy to organize. I like having a specific category to choose from. Your party theme can include appreciating books, movies, art, music, or poetry.

Step 2: Step 2: Choose a Location

Your own home is an obvious choice for hosting a wine tasting party. But another option to consider is to use a local winery. A winery is a perfect setting for a wine tasting party especially if you live near one. You could organize a tour even if you live in another state.

Step 3: Step 3: Choose the Wine

If you are hosting a group of novice wine drinkers, you should start with introducing your group to the basics of tasting, drinking and appreciating wine. Educate them about how wine is made and the kinds of grapes that are used in various wines and how that influences the taste and the flavor of wine.

Taking into account the experience of your group, you could also invite wine enthusiasts or wine makers to your party if possible. A few words from an expert will help you and your members have a thorough insight of how to appreciate fine wine. An expert will definitely cover a lot of things that you cannot handle alone. From how the wine is stored, how it is tasted and what food goes with what wine, you and your group will absolutely learn a lot.

Pro Tip: Provide two or three "dump buckets" in the room where you are holding your wine tasting party. Professional wine tasters don’t need to swallow the spirits in order to get a good perception of the wine. They swish them in their mouth instead then spit them out.

Step 4: Step 4: Choose the Food

Choosing the food becomes easy when the wines have already been picked out.

The foods to be served should not have an overwhelming taste. They should not be too spicy or too salty. The whole point of having a wine party is to be able to find out which wine goes with what food.

Red wines goes well with meats and poultry, while sparkling wine is perfect with fish and fruits.

You could also have a pot luck so your guests could bring different kinds of food. Let them express the feelings and the tastes that they have felt while drinking a particular wine.

Pro Tip: ALWAYS provide unsalted crackers and various kinds of cheeses, no matter what.

Step 5: Step 5: Choose Your Glassware

Preparing the glassware also becomes a breeze when the wines have already been picked ahead of time.

During wine parties where I am serving various kinds of white wine, I prepare just one glass for each guest. But if I am serving both red and white wines, I provide two glasses per person.

For people who host wine parties often, I highly recommend investing in good quality all-purpose wine glasses with a wide mouth.

You can also have fun with your glassware by choosing unique wine glasses or funny wine glasses. Some glasses can hold an entire bottle of wine! Some are just beautiful to look at. Take a look at this article on Unique and Funny Wine Glasses to get more ideas.

One precaution though: Never put those long-stemmed glasses in the dishwasher.

Step 6: Step 6: Add Some Fun

One of my favorite wine tasting party ideas is to have your group do blind and nonblind tastings. A blind tasting is not knowing the brand or any information about the wine you are drinking. While a nonblind is knowing the brand and all other information about the wine.

A blind tasting event is a thrilling experience and allows you to appreciate wine without being influenced of the brand.

A nonblind tasting is good for novice wine drinkers so they can learn how to appreciate different brands and types of wine. This allows them to develop their own personal favorites.

Step 7: To Sum Up . . .

I think that wine parties are a lot of fun compared to full-blown formal dinner parties where the guests have to sit around a long table trying to engage in boring small talk.

Wines are the best conversation starters which is why a wine party is never boring. Guests can talk about the smell, the taste, and the feel of the wine in their mouths so they don’t need to talk about the weather or the latest gossips in town.

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