How to Plasti Dip Jeep Wrangler Wheels (without Removing the Wheels)




About: How to Wrangler is all about how to do minor upgrades to your Jeep from an average (non-mechanic) guy perspective.

You can use Plasti Dip as a cheap and easy way to upgrade the look of your Jeep Wrangler's stock rims. Plastic-dip gives you a durable, lasting coat that looks professional, neat and clean. for a video of this intractable click this link Plasti-dip Jeep Wrangler Wheels

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Step 1: You Will Need

Click here for to purchase from Amazon - Plastidip on Amazon

Step 2: You Will Also Need...

Step 3: Clean Your Wheels

Make sure you thoroughly clean your wheels with a good brake dust removal cleaner. Make sure they are also dry and that you have given your Jeep and its brakes plenty of time to cool down.

Step 4: Tape Off Your Wheels

Use the painters tape to mask the wheel nuts and valve stem to protect them from the Plasti-dip spray. Use the screwdriver to make sure the tape is pressed down to the nuts.

Step 5: Cut the Plastic Garbage Bag and Insert

Cut the garbage bag down the seam to make a flat sheet of plastic. Start by stuffing the bad into one of the open spokes of the Jeep wheel.

Step 6: Wrap the Bag Around the Brake

Slide the bag around the entire wheel and wrap it around the brake to protect it.

Step 7: Wheel Is Ready for Spray

Make sure that you have properly covered the brake and any other part of the wheel you do not want to spray black.

Step 8: First Coat of Plast-Dip

Hold the can about 12 inches from the wheel and spray in light fast swipes until the wheel has a complete coat.

Step 9: Second Coat

Allow the first coat to dry for at least 20 minutes before applying the second coat. Be sure to cover the entire wheel with the second coat as it can be harder to see that you have full coverage.

Step 10: Remove the Tape and Bag

Allow at least 30 minutes after the second coat to make sure the plasti-dip is completely dry before removing the painters tape and plastic bag. Carefully remove the tape and slide the plastic bag out the same way you put it into the wheel.

Step 11: Love Your New Look

This simple cheap upgrade to you Jeep can give you a great new look, enjoy it! Click this link for my video of the entire process.How to Plasti-Dip Jeep Wrangler Wheels Video

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    9 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Didn't you get paint on the tires?

    I would remove the wheel of the vehicle myself for easier access.

    You can clean the inside of the wheel while your at it and less chance of over spray.


    1 reply

    4 years ago

    How do you keep it clean? ie: dirt and brake dust?

    1 reply

    4 years ago

    Cheers, very cool effect and doubles as protection for the original alloy !!


    Reply 4 years ago

    yeah it is removable. but not so removable that if you wash your car it would peel off so it's nice.