How to Play 1,000 Miles by Vanessa Carlton (Intro Only, Right Hand)




Introduction: How to Play 1,000 Miles by Vanessa Carlton (Intro Only, Right Hand)

Did you every dream of being able to wow your friends and loved ones with your amazing piano playing skills? Do you want to pay homage to one of the greatest songs ever written? Then I have just the tutorial you are looking for.

I will teach you how to play the introduction of 1,000 Miles, by Vanessa Carlton. Although it seems difficult, anybody can learn to play this piece. If you are a beginner, it will be slow at first but soon you will be playing with speed and fluency!

The tutorial will be broken down into several parts. First, you will learn the right hand. Then, you will learn the left hand. Once you feel proficient in both, we will combine them.


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This is a great song for any beginner or experience player to add to their repertoire. It is fun and recognizable, and not hard to learn. If you stick with it and practice, you will be playing it in no time!

Here is the final product, played slowly!


The introduction is structured as follows


In steps 1 and 2, you learn part A. In step 3, you learn part B. In step 5, you learn step C. If you ever have any questions, watch the final video for help.

The video shows the left and right hand. The left hand with be covered in another tutorial.

Step 1: Right Hand: Starting the Song

Watch the video and follow the steps. It will play fast at first, then slow down.

Some tips and tricks.

  • Go slow!
  • Pause the video anytime.
  • Do not be afraid to watch the video several times.
  • Once you have memorized the piece, practice practice practice.
  • Be able to play the part correctly (no matter how slowly!) at least three times without looking at the video.
  • Once you feel you have learned the part, move on to the next directions.

Step 2: Right Hand: Playing the Completed First Part

The second part is a addition to the first part we already learned. It is only three notes. The video below shows the whole thing up to this point.


  • Go slow!
  • Once you have memorized the part, you can move on.
  • The first part we learned will play in the video, followed by the part to be learned.
  • It is only an additional three notes to add to the part.

Here is the video.

Once you have memorized the part, practice until you can play it smoothly and fluently, even at a slow speed. We will refer to this again as the FIRST PART (A).

If you feel comfortable playing it, you can move on.

Step 3: Right Hand: Playing the Second Part

This step teaches you how to play the second part. The whole intro is structured as such.




This step teaches you how to play the B part.

The second part starts the same way as the first part.

Here is a refresher.

The only difference is the end. Instead of playing the three notes as you did before, you learn a new piece.

Here is the additional part that needs to be added.

Practice that until it feels natural. Once you feel comfortable, combine them!

This is what they look like combined

This will be called the second part. It plays right after the first part. Before moving on, ensure you can play both parts and that they flow into each other. Once you can play them together, move on!

Step 4: Right Hand-Combining the Parts

Now we have to combine the first two parts and get some structure going.

Here is the ordered to be played

  1. First Part (A)
  2. Second Part (B)
  3. First Part (A)

Just for review, watch the whole thing again. It should look very familiar and the structure will be more clear. Only watch the right hand.

Here is the video.

If you get confused, the first part is covered fully in step 2. The second part is covered in step 3. Now play them in the order listed above.

Review the video above if necessary, and when you feel comfortable, move on.

Step 5: Finishing the Right Hand

As stated before, the structure of the intro is as follows.


In this step, we will learn section D and finish up the intro.

Section D starts the same way as every other section. Here is how section D starts.

This piece should be very familiar, as it is how every step starts.

Here is how it ends.

Once you combine the two parts, you know have part D completed!

Step 6: Putting It All Together

You know have all the pieces to play the right hand introduction of 1,000 Miles by Vanessa Carleton.

Here is the final video. Keep in mind, we are only playing the right hand.

Watch this video, and try to follow along. If you are lost or confused, go back and re-watch the steps.


Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Try to always play in time, at a constant speed.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact me at I will provide further instructions and clarification. Thanks for watching and enjoy wowing you friends and family!

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    This looks great! Thanks for sharing your piano skills with the community!