How to Play Combat

This is a fun game I invented on a rainy day. Please vote for me in the Rainy Day Contest.

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Step 1: You Will Need...

A deck of cards (Joker/Jokers must be included.)
A paper for scoring

Step 2:

Begin by shuffling the cards. Place the deck in the center of the table. Your opponent takes one card from the top. He does not show it to you. You do the same. on the count of three, you show them your card. If is greater than theirs, you win. Numbered cards are worth the amount of the number on the card. Jacks are worth 11, Kings 12, and Queens 13.
A Joker is worth twenty points. Ace is worth 1.

Step 3: Scoring

Decide a max score over 50. When someone wins, they get the amount of points that their card is greater than the opponent. If Joe wins with a King, and you lost because you had an 8, Joe gets 4 points.

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