How to Play 'Digger' With a Joystick!

Introduction: How to Play 'Digger' With a Joystick!

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A few years back I decided to surprise my dad by finding the first ever game he played, which he thought had disappeared from the world, Digger!

Digger was produced in 1983 by Windmill Software, a company based out of Toronto, Canada.

It ran on PCs such as the Amiga's, which only had 16 bit colours.

My dad used to love playing this game with his friends. At work I might add!

Digger is essentially a top down arcade game, where the objective is to collect Gems and not get eaten by Monsters!

To my surprise I discovered Digger hadn't disappeared from the world, it's been kept alive on a website:

Before I ramble on even more, here's what you need to complete this Instructable and be able to play Digger for yourself, on a Joystick!

1) Raspberry Pi 2/3 with RetroPie Installed £35

2) USB Keyboard & Mouse £10

3) Zippy Arcade Joystick & Buttons £50

4) A Laptop to SSH & FTP into the Raspberry Pi

For the best gaming experience, go build yourself a cabinet, using my previous Instructable:

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Step 1: Install & Configure DOSBOX

Boot up your Raspberry Pi into RetroPie, with the USB Keyboard, Mouse & USB Joystick Encoder(s) plugged in. Make sure you're connected to your network, via Ethernet or WiFi.

Then, scroll left or right with the arrow keys until you get to 'RetroPie', enter it.

Scroll down to 'RetroPie Setup' and Enter. (See Image 1)

Scroll down to option 5, 'Install Individual Emulators from Binary or Source' and Enter (See Image 2)

Scroll down to 108, 'dosbox - DOS Emulator' and Enter (See Image 3)

Allow dosbox to install, press OK to any prompts.

Now reboot your Pi.

Now SSH into your Pi from your Laptop, via Putty. The default login is 'Pi', default password is 'Raspberry'.

Change directory to where the dosbox config file is found by running 'cd /opt/retropie/configs/pc'

Now edit the file by running 'sudo nano dosbox-SVN.conf'

Scroll down the file until you see the parameter 'joysticktype=auto' (around 2/3 down the file), change it to 'joysticktype=fcs'. Then CTRL + X to Exit, Y + Enter to save and Exit.

Exit your SSH session.

Step 2: Install & Configure Digger

Download the Digger.exe file from the top of on your laptop.

Connect via FTP to your Raspberry Pi via a client such as Filezilla

Copy the Digger.exe file from your Laptop to /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/pc directory. Disconnect your FTP Session/close Filezilla. Then Restart your Raspberry Pi.

When the Raspberry Pi is back on, Navigate to the 'MS DOS' Emulator and you will see Digger ready to go! (See Image)

Step 3: Setup the Joystick & Buttons to Play Digger

Enter into Digger.exe and you will see the game Title page.

At the moment you will only be able to play the game using the Keyboard controls:

Arrow Keys for Movement,

F1 to Shoot

Space to Pause

F10 to Quit back to Title screen

But the whole point of this Instructable is to get the proper Arcade feel for this game, with a Joystick instead of arrow keys. This is where the 'Mapper' tool comes into play.

Press CTRL + F1 and the Mapper Screen will come up, with an on screen keyboard and other functions.

Use your USB Mouse to click the On screen keyboard buttons. To map the movement, click one of the arrow keys, Up, for example, then click 'Add' (as shown in Image 1) and then move your actual Joystick Up. The Mapper will detect this and it will show on the screen. Now Click 'Save' in the bottom right corner.

Repeat the above steps for all the arrow keys, as well as a button of your choosing for 'F1' (Fire), 'Space' to Pause & 'F10' to quit back to the title screen. Remember to click save after every addition or the configuration won't be saved for next time you open Digger.

Step 4: Play Digger to Your Hearts Content!


Though Digger isn't extremely well known, it's a fun but challenging game, even for something now 35 years old!

Here's a video of me enjoying it:

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