How to Play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on PC

Introduction: How to Play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on PC

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Five years ago Niantic Inc., released its first new Augmented Reality Game named Ingress. Soon after the game became popular there comes Pokémon Go that became such a Global Scale Game played by people all around the world. Moreover, it’s the very first real-world gaming platform whose goal is to turn the real world into a game to inspire people to move, explore and to have face-to-face interaction with other players. After that massive success of the game, Niantic is once again making noise that will surely make their fans go crazy about.Most especially those who are Harry Potter Fans aspiring to become a Wizard themselves.

Last November 8, 2017, Niantic Inc., in cooperation with Warner Bros., Announce an upcoming Real-life Magical Game base on J.K Rowling’s Famous Harry Potter Series which is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Surely, to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on the computer is something that you can look forward to because of its effects. On the other hand, the game will encourage people to step outside with their device and tour around the neighborhood to look for artifacts, to cast spells, defeat the legendary beast, build up spells and become a stronger Wizard. Hence, it has a similar concept in playing Pokémon Go. The only difference is, you have to team up with other players to defeat the beast. Unlike Pokémon Go where you just need to hatch eggs and collect Pokémon available on a specific place.

Amazing right? It’s incredible that Niantic thought of turning this Sci-fi Novel into a reality. Since it is an app that is only available on mobile devices, mainly you will get almost 7 inches of screen in maximum depending on your phone’s brand. Hence, did you know that you can also play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on PC? If you prefer playing the game within the vicinity you can also get a wider screen to enjoy the effects of the game. Well, keep on reading because here is the guide on how to play it on a bigger screen

Step 1: Download the Application

Download ApowerMirror on your Google Play Store or Apps


Step 2: Launch the Application

Launch the application on your device and to the computer at the same time.

Step 3: Connect Your Device

To connect, make sure both devices are connected to the same WIFI server.

On your phone, click the “Blue M” button to start scanning the PC name.

For the First time use it is recommended to connect your device via USB cable to control your Android device on your computer. Controlling your device using your computer is not available on Apple devices though.

Step 4: Start Mirroring

Click "Start Now"

Step 5: Choose the Device

Next, Tap the name of your PC then your phone will start to be mirrored on your pc.

Step 6: Mirroring Is Successful

Note: If you want to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on Mac it is also possible. Just follow the same instruction

Step 7: Disconnect

To disconnect just go back to the app and click “Disconnect”



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