How to Play Kids From Mars

Introduction: How to Play Kids From Mars

This is a fun game played with lots of friends. I've enjoyed playing it over. and over, so maybe you will too!

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Step 1: You Will Need

At least ten to forty players

A large open area such as a basketball gym, a soccer field, something like that.

Step 2: Set Up

Pick your kids from Mars. If there is Ten players, only one can be a kid from Mars. Twenty to forty players, two kids from Mars.

Set yourselves up in the large area as shown in the photo.
The blue dots are where the Kids From Mars stand, the green dots are where the other players stand, and the pink lines mark the no tag zones.

Step 3: Playing

The KFM ( Kids From Mars) Say, " We are the kids from Mars. We are here to steal your candy bars if you are wearing blue ( or hair color, eye color, jewelry, shirt style, first letter of name, etc.)" Then anyone that meets that choice must run to the other no tag zone. While they are doing so, the KFM try to tag them. If they tag someone before they reach the No Tag Zone, the person tagged becomes a munat and stays standing in place. Any munat can tag others running to the NTZ, but must stay standing where they were tagged. Then the KFM repeat what they said with a different choice. This continues till one person is left. The last person to remain ( The last person of the runners) wins the game and becomes the new KFM. The new KFM picks a person to be a KFM with him. Then the game restarts with the new KFM.

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    Igioteno, is this a misunderstanding how to play or a what does this game do?

    Either way, I'm happy to help!


    5 years ago