How to Play Lady Gaga Songs on Guitar!!!




Introduction: How to Play Lady Gaga Songs on Guitar!!!

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You know how playing pop music is hard on a guitar. Well, if you like Lady Gaga then you might like this instructable. In this instructable you will learn how to play Lady Gaga, some tips, and other stuff. :) This is good for beginners and (((EASY)))!!!!! For this you'll need a guitar, a pick (optional), and a tunner. To play Poker Face Intro:


Am-6 strums

G-4 strums Do this in a fast beat.


Am-1 whole strum

F-1 whole strum

C-1 whole strum

G-1 whole strum

Do this in order.

Solo: <


Practice makes perfect.

If all this is way too hard then follow the pictures (they have notes saying "Intro, Verse, Chorus, and Solo). to learn other songs from Lady Gaga go to http// and type in the song you want to learn in the search bar.




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    5 Discussions

    i totaly dont get it next time do a video or something like that.

    hmm,,, it is a bit confusing!I can maybe ask my friend's bro! You are a good teacher! It is just that I know squat about guitars!

    wow! I tried, I really tried to play this! I just couldn't get it! You should put up a video of you playing this, I would love to see it performed by you! :D

    1 reply

    Bad news I can't do videos cuz i don't know how to and i don't even think my camra has sound. sorry. I do do it pretty good , but I can't stick videos. Do you even understand the stuff???I f you don't then the numbers on the lines mean what fret you play and the strings from top to bottom on the thingy is high to low strings. is there anyone else that knows how to play like your parents? they can help you play it, but just if you don't understand then put your punky and ring finger on the 6th fret of the "A" and "D" string and you index finder on the 4 th fret of the lowest fret the "E" string and then play it in this order D,D,E,E,A,A,E,E.D,D. That should at least get you started (sorry if this is too complex thats how I'm used to teach others). IDK how to make it easier. :(