How to Play Pig(Dice)



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Pig is a very easy dice game and very fun gamr

Step 1: Objective of the Game

To score 100 points before your opponent

Step 2: What Do You Need

A piece of paper

Pencil/pen/marker or any writing thing

2 dies that have 6 faces

Step 3: The Rules

- 2 ones are called snake eyes if you get them you lose your points for the whole game once I lost them at 96
- Roll on every turn
-Mark all your points on a piece of paper
-Roll 1 or more time until you want to
-if you get a one in any of your rolls you get a 0 for that round
-Miss a turn if you got Snake eyes

Step 4: The Game

-First roll your dice
-Add the Score you got,If you got a 1 your turn is over and put 0 for your score
-Roll again if you want to (Rolls as many times as you want if you feel you are lucky)
-When you are done the opponent does the same thing
- If you or your opponent gets snake eyes you miss a turn and lose all your points
-Mark all your points on a piece of paper even your opponents
-And don't forget to sum all your points for a round and when done for a game

Step 5: Winning

Have 100 points before your opponent

Step 6: Have Fun

Have fun playing.Questions? Comment below



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