How to Play P's and A's

Introduction: How to Play P's and A's


Perfect for card lovers!!! Mostly luck, a little bit of strategy, but a whole ton of fun! Very addicting game that everyone will love to play again and again! Read closely to understand the rules and game play. The visuals show the rules necessary. So, be sure to use them as reference! Once you catch on, you are in for a ton of fun!!


First player to get rid of all their cards is the P. Game Play Continues. Last player with cards is the A. Try your hardest to be the P, but don't be the A.

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Step 1: Required Materials

  • Full deck of cards, no jokers
  • 3-7 Players
    • Aged 10+

Step 2: Rules

1. 8’s are wilds

2. 2’s clear the cards - Player then goes again

3. Ace is high

4. Doubles trump singles

Regardless of value: 2 Jacks trump 1 King

5. Triples trump doubles.

Regardless of value: 3 Twos trump 2 Aces

6. Four of a kind trumps all.

Except a Two

Step 3: Game Play


First Round: Deal all cards to Players

Note: Card quantity differences of 1 are okay, depending on the number of players (i.e. some players might have one more than others)

Other Rounds: Winner of the last round (the P) deals ANYWAY they want

Starting Play

First Round: Start with the player to the left of the dealer

Other Rounds: Start with the winner of the last round (the P)

General Play

Must play a higher value than the previously laid card (or cards if doubles/triples were played). See image above.

If not possible, player passes and cannot lay any cards.

Example: Once 2 Fives are played, players can ONLY play doubles of a high face value (6+), triples of any value, or a 2 to clear. Otherwise, player passes.

Play until one player remains (the A).

Step 4: Winning

After each round, the P makes a rule. Rules can compound or expire after every round, you decide! Rules can be a truth, dare, action, etc, ANYTHING YOU WANT!

Step 5: Let the FUN Begin!!!

Play as much and as long as you want! This fun filled game can serve as a few minute break, last for hours or anything in between! Perfect for anyone and everyone!!

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    3 years ago

    Looks like fun!