How to Play Roblox


Introduction: How to Play Roblox

About: im a robloxian that pays a game that called roblox for you newbies out there which dont know the game its a blocky game

Roblox is a fun game wi parts like Lego with a safe kids enviroment and fun worlds combined together

Step 1: How to Move Around

W is Forward S is Back A is Left D is Right And Spacebar is Jump

Step 2: How to Get Money

You can get free money the ways to get it is Ipad gives you Tix when you play Roblox on your iPad everyday when you login Robux you can get when you log into a computer with the same account

Step 3: How to Get Clothes and Get Game Passes

Well I suppose your wondering what you can do with those tix and robux well you can get clothes get loads of things in the Catalog Here is some of the Clothes that is possible you can make clothes but two things are required builders club and it's got to be approved by moderators to prevent bad things in the shop you can get game passes in the game walk to something or click the buy button to show up the dialog then press buy then close the game and press play again

Step 4: How to Get Builders Club

Now I told you in the last article making clothes requires builders club well it's not that easy kids because you need to get your parents to pay on their credit cards and you need to be lucky cause most likely they will say no because it's really expensive I don't have Bulders Club yet But most games don't require it I will show you a picture of the options


Step 5: Get Playing!

That's it Guys! Get playing if you want to friend me click the link in my instuructable profile



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    Can you please tell me how you collect the money, once you jump on top of one of the squares that shows how much money there is associated with that particular square? I am trying to help my grandkids play the game.


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    the money system is out dated, only robux exists now and you have to pay for the whole thing, there are free clothes available but they look very bad your goi to have to purchase builders club or buy gift cards at your local Walmart and the code gives online money they can save up, then once Ye have enough they can redeem the money for builders club.


    hi, I was the creator of the instructable, I have abandoned the account but you may send me a email at and I'll help you