How to Play Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Online With FA Forever (Windows Only)

Hello fellow Instructables users! This instructable is about how to use the Forged Alliance Forever online lobby to play Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance with friends or with people around the world. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game, like Homeworld or StarCraft. There was a built-in lobby called GPGNet for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (SupCom), though it is dead nowadays. Fortunately, people in the open-source community created Forged Alliance Forever (FA Forever) as a replacement for GPGNet.

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Step 1: Buy Forged Alliance on Steam

You can buy Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance for a reasonable amount on Steam here:

Steam is an easy-to-use online store. It's free to sign up.

Step 2: Install FA Forever

All you need to do for this step is click the "Download Now!" button, run the installer and follow the setup instructions. Once it's installed, start it.

Step 3: Find or Create a Game!

Click the "Find Games" button and double-click a game, or double-click the modpack you want to use (on the left) and create a game. Have fun playing Forged Alliance!

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