How to Play Violin Under 30 Minutes




Introduction: How to Play Violin Under 30 Minutes

Do you want to learn to play violin under 30 minutes? Do you want to get started on learning violin on your own? I have created a easy step by step instruction for you to learn the basics of violin techniques and skills.

Step 1: The Stuff You Need

1. Violin (Sizes: 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8 4/4)

2. Bow (Sizes listed in the picture compared to the violin size)

3. Something soft to put under the violin so the hard edges wont hurt when you play , I personally uses a sticky sponge called AcoustaGrip, people also use small towels

4. Violin Rosin (the green little thing), this gives the bow hair friction so the violin will make sound, without rosin, there won't be any sound

5. Tuner, this helps keep the violin in tuned (the last one in the pictures)

Step 2: Different Parts of the Violin and Bow

1. These are called tuning pegs, it is the place where you can tune each string by turning it tighter and loosen it.

2. This is called the bridge, it holds all the strings in place

3. These are called fine tuners, they can make small adjustment to correct the tune of each string

4.This is called the chinrest, where you place our chin to ensure the violin is stable

5. The part where there is a circle is called the frog, and the end of the bow is called the screw, it can adjust the tightness of the hair

6. Different notes of each open string, each string produce these four notes when there are no fingers on them

Step 3: Preparation: Adjust Your Strings

1. Attach the tuner on to the pegbox of the violin as shown

2. When you turned on your tuner make sure the instrument setting is in violin, and now play the strings like you do with a guitar, when the arrow on the screen turns middle and become green, they are in tune, if not, turn the tuning pegs and flick the string until it is green

Step 4: Preparation: Adjusting the Bow Hair and Put Rosin on to the Hair

3. As shown in the video, you adjust the bow hair by turning the screw in the end of the bow (don't turn it too tight because it will snap, just keep the bow hair in a medium tightness, not too tight or too loose)

4. The last video show you to put rosin on to the bow hair, make sure the there are enough rosin on the hair so it will cause friction with the string

Step 5: How Do You Position Yourself With the Violin and the Bow

1.Make sure your chin is firmly holding the violin

2. Your left elbow should be a little inward when you are holding the violin 3. Your left hand palm should not touch the neck of the violin, the two fingers act as a support for the neck but do not hold it too tight 4,5,6,7, You want to keep the elbow almost parallel when you are holding your violin 8,9, This is your bow hand, don't be too tight with the bow and keep it relaxed so you can move it freely, the pinky phalanges of the thumb should face outward as shown and right next to the leather pad

Step 6: Playing the Violin With an Open String

1. Lay your bow on to the far right string: the E string, keep the bow tilted toward the front of the violin

2. when you start to play the violin, steady move your fore arm across the string as shown in the video

Step 7: Learning How to Play Your First Note on a String

1. Put your first finger down as shown on the A string

2. To make sure you are playing the right note, put on the tuner and turn it into violin setting

3. Playing the note B up and down just like an open string, the tuner will show the alphabetical B on the screen, adjust your finger position and keep playing until the screen turns green on the tuner

4. If the screen is always green then you have now know how to play all open strings of the violin and the note B on the A string

Step 8: Final Thoughts

Here are some important tips on how to play a well tuned open string or a note on the violin

Make sure your bow position and elbows are following the exact instruction

Steadily move up and down the bow only using your forearm

If possible use a piano and compare the same note you are playing with a piano to make sure you are in tune

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