How to Play Youtube Videos on Your Nintendo Wii




Introduction: How to Play Youtube Videos on Your Nintendo Wii

Ok, here I am again. This instructable will teach you how to put youtube videos onto your Nintendo Wii by SD card. You may ask, "Why is this idiot telling us how to do this when I can browse Youtube through the Internet Channel on the Wii?"
I am telling you this because recently, Nintendo has decided to make you pay 500 Wii points(roughly five American Dollars) for the internet channel. Another reason is that you can show it on your friend's Wii, who may not have internet. You may also show it on other computers if they have an SD slot.
I hope you find this instructable useful.

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable, you will need a computer with a SD card slot (more thin than a usb slot, but longer), an SD card (the larger it is, the longer the video you can put on, but one gig is good enough for most of the videos on youtube), and the video channel on your nintendo wii (that is a free channel you can get on Wii Shop. 1.1 is now available). Also, if your SD card is not already formatted for the wii, I think you format it to FAT 16 or FAT 32), and a Nintendo Wii (for you slower people out there).

Step 2:

Two things you need to download:

and... scroll to the bottom, where you download.

Step 3: Start the Process!

Ok, now you go to a youtube video you like, and under the description, there should be a textbox or whatever labeled URL. Copy it. Then start the downloaded youtube downloader, and follow the instructions. Paste in the URL into the textfield, and then press download. If asked, save the file to your desktop. When finished, you should have a file on your desktop, or wherever you saved it, called video.flv.

Step 4: Wrap It Up.

Ok, now start up the downloaded wii Video 9. Now, press the 'select file' button, and browse for the .flv file you downloaded earlier. It will ask you to name it, and this is vital, so that you may rememer it. When selected, Wii Video 9 will convert it, and when it says it is finished, exit out of Wii Video 9.

Now, I could never figure out where Wii video saves the end product, so just go to My Computer, and search whatever you named the file. If you named it "Harry Potter Puppet Pals" then search that. It should find your video. You then insert your SD card, and drag the file to it. Eject it from your computer.

Now insert it into your Nintendo Wii, and start up the Photo Channel. Then Click on the SD card, and it should say "1 video found" then you should be able to click on your videos thumbnail, and it should play.



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    10 Discussions

    My wii already lets me watch youtube videos and i didnt do anything to it.
    Its not very good Graphics but still works.

    correction you have to type in: in order to go to the tv version of youtube for a video game console.

    The browser is now free and anyone who bought it for 500 points gets a NES game free.

    not to offend, but i have had problems with anything RedKawa, and as well for what you pay for an SD Card, you can just download the browser. its worth it! and not just for youtube. and if anyone is wondering, the reason why certain sites wont play is because Adobe wont let nintendo use Flash above version 7 :S. Dont ask why but its a fact

    2 replies

    It is worth it, I agree. However, some people are really cheap. I do have the internet channel.

    i love it... and there is even a tailor made youtube site for consoles like the wii and ps3 (I been told on the Wii it is superior though.. ) its

    Yes, but that costs nowadays, and you can only buy the cards in twenty dollar increments.