How to Play a D Major Chord on Guitar




About: I have been playing guitar for about six years. I have played many types of music.

This is how to play a simple D chord on guitar.

Step 1:

Place your first finger on the third string second fret.

Step 2:

Place your second finger on the first string second fret.

Step 3:

Place your third finger on the second string third fret.

Step 4:

Strum strings 1-4.



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    Ok, I can see why you shouldn't strum the low E string here, but why the A string? A is D's fifth and you're already catching it on the G string.

    Plus, if you want to use all the strings, try holding 2nd fret on the low E string with your thumb. That's F#, major third of D, and you're already holding it on the high E string.