How to Play the Ukulele

Introduction: How to Play the Ukulele

How to strum:

curl your fingers up and the push them all down at the same time. You can then strum back up by doing the same thing just backwards.

(see pictures to understand more)

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Step 1: How to Tune Your Ukulele.

First, you will have to go and by a tuner from your local music shop if you don't already have one.

then twist the knobs (as seen in the picture) on your ukulele until the tuner says that you are in tune.

Step 2: Play Some Chords

these are 4 easy chords that you can play.

G is in the first picture and you playing the last 3 strings on 2nd fret 3rd fret than 2nd again.

F is in the second picture and is played on the top string and 2nd from the top on 2nd fret than 1st fret.

C is only played on the last string 3rd fret.

A is played on the top 2 strings 2nd fret then first fret.

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    Nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing it with the community.


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    Thanks heaps for looking at my first instructable!!!!!