How to Polish Black Cadet Boots





Introduction: How to Polish Black Cadet Boots

In this document I will be giving you step by step instructions, teaching you how to polish your very own military grade cadet boots. So you can rule the battle fields.

Step 1: Gather the Required Tools

You will need cadet boots, black shoe polish (preferably Kiwi brand), a toothbrush (don't recommend brushing your teeth with it after), polish cloth, hard surface, comfortable work space and room temperature water.

Step 2: Preparing Your Polish

Take your first boot and place it on the hard work surface. Open the shoe polish tin and place the room temperature water in the lid, you only need about a tablespoon.

Step 3: Polishing the Catwalk (stitches of the Boot and Sole)

First take the toothbrush and dab it in the polish. You will want about a pea size amount of polish on the toothbrush head. Then brush the catwalk, spreading the polish around the entire boot. If needed grab more polish.

Step 4: Preparing the Polish Cloth

Take a section of the polish cloth and wrap it tightly around the tip of your index finger. Ensure you have a smooth surface on the pad of your finger, grab the excess cloth in the palm of your hand.

Next you will need to add a little bit of water on the finger with the cloth. This is the trickiest part, you only want a little bit of water. TIP: use your opposite finger to dab in the water and wipe the water from that finger off onto the cloth finger.

Step 5: Placing Polish on the Cloth

Next you will take your damp cloth finger and wipe some polish out of the tin. You need half of what you used for the catwalk. It is easier to get more polish later, than to have too much now.

Step 6: Polishing Your Boot

Start by doing fast, small circular motions on the toe of your boot. Do this until you boot is shiny and you can no longer see the polish. When the polish first goes onto the boot it is dull, once it is polished into the leather of the boot it is shiny. It is during this step you will know if you have too much water or not enough.

  • Too much water: you will see water droplets on the boot. Use more polish and keep doing small circular motions until the boot absorbs the water and polish. This won't hurt the boot but it will take longer
  • Not enough water: your boot becomes black and dull, the leather will not absorb the polish. Add more water to the cloth.

Repeat this step on the heal and sides of the boot.

Repeat the whole thing on the next boot.



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    8 Discussions

    Good for parade boots, dire for field boots. term used normally for this is bulling, I melt the polish and apply a very thick layer and you can get an almost mirror finish.

    3 replies

    damn sure I used to do basic polish then take heated spoon with melted polish and rub back of spoon on boots to get in all nooks n crannies the clean cloth buff up takes time but worth it I had best boots in b squadron ?

    From serving RAF, you can also use a layer of brown polish for every two layers of black polish. The mirror finish you get takes a lot of practise but it is well worth it!

    Thanks for the tip I will use them :)

    congrats on making it to the featured board!! (i think!)

    Thanks for the tips. I will use them. :)


    Thanks for sharing the steps to complete this task!