How to Powder Coat Muliplte Colors, (specifically How to Add Safety Stripes to Dangerous Things)




Here's what you'll need:*

1.An object to powder coat.
2. Media Blasting cabinet
3. Powder coating gun and cabinet
4. Yellow, Black, and Clear powder coat. (clear coat optional)
5. High Temp Powder Coat Masking Tape
6. Powder Coating Oven

*All equipment is available at TechShop and the retail store there often has a good selection of powder coat and the high temp masking tape too.

Step 1: Preparing for Powder Coating

For best results sandblast all surfaces that will be painted, the blast cabinet at TechShop SoMa uses garnet as an abrasive.

If you are using something made of steel clean it with water and sodium phosphate, if aluminum use simple green, then rinse.

Completely dry item in oven while it is coming up to temperature, but sure not to touch the piece with your bare hands.

Step 2: Coat #1

Wanting the majority of my piece to be black, I started with a layer of the yellow powder coat.

Apply and bake as directed.

Step 3: Coat #2

I have found I get the best results adding additional coats while the piece is still hot.

Using a high temperature masking tape create the yellow hatch marks.

When doing this be very careful not to touch the piece, this will prevent the next coat from adhering.

Once the masking tape is in place powder coat the piece black. Keep in mind this new powder may require a different oven temperature.

Step 4:

When the black powder coat has finished baking remove the masking tape.

For an added shine you may want to use a clear powder coat.

Step 5: Finished

There ya go.

Now you too can add safety hatch marks to all those dangerous items you own.




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