How to Practice Writing

In this Instructable, my very first, I will be teaching you many writing techniques. I will give some techniques for brainstorming, exercising your writing skill, and writing in a variety of ways. You will be able to write an amazing short story by the end of this Instructable! I don't write a lot, so this Instructable was a bit harder to write than other Instructables.

Thanks to my English teacher, Kim!

Step 1: Free Writing

I know this sounds silly, but you must learn how to write before writing. By writing whatever comes into your head (known as "free writing"), you are overcoming mental blocks that your brain has set down for you. So, try writing whatever comes into your head for around ten minutes. Set yourself a timer for that certain amount of time, and stop writing when that timer goes off. Don't write another word. If you want to finish, great! Do that. Make a story out of it! Do not erase or delete anything. You might end up with gibberish, that's okay! Perfectly fine. Ignore any grammar or spelling mistakes, and resist the urge to correct them.

Step 2: Writing From a Word

This is similar to free writing, but different. Instead of writing whatever comes into your head, you are going to base your writing off a random word. First, grab a dictionary. Close your eyes, flip the book to a random page, and put your finger somewhere on the page. See what word that is and write a free write off of it. Just the same as before, grammar and spelling don't matter, set a timer, and don't erase anything! Another variation of this is instead of free writing, write a story based off that letter.

Step 3: Writing From a Picture

For this activity, you need to find a random picture. I suggest one of the New York Time's "What's going on in this picture?" as they are normally very thought-provoking. Write about this. Just like before, write for a certain amount of time, then stop. Again, spelling and grammar do not matter.

Step 4: A New Game

I'm not going to tell you what this game is called, but if you want to know, ask me below in the comments. To play, you will need a group. Beforehand, you choose a category, such as "food" or "places". A person goes first and says a word inside the decided category (for instance, if the category was "food" I could say "grapes".) The next person says a word, still within that category, that starts with the last letter of the last word said. You have to say something that has not been said before, and you have five seconds to answer. It gets very hard once people have said many words! This helps you overcome writer's block by saying a lot of relevant words!

Step 5: Write a (short) Short Story

Now, you will write a short story. You will follow the format below, finishing the eight sentences. This exercise will help you in the format of a short story. Write as many of these as you want. If one you write particularly interests you, feel free to expand on it!

Once upon a time,

Every day,

But one day,

And because of this,

And because of this,

And because of this,

Until finally,

And ever since that day,

"Once upon a time" starts off the story in a setting. "Every day" establishes a rhythm. "But one day" is the calling to adventure in many books. All of the "And because of this"es are the main plot, such as Frodo Baggins going to Mount Doom. "Until finally" is the happy (or sad) ending. "And ever since that day" reestablishes the rhythm.

Here is an example.

Once upon a time, there were two twins named Jack and Jill. Every day, they walked up a hill to fetch a pail of water. But one day, Jack fell down and broke his arm. And because of this, Jill came tumbling after. And because of this, Jill broke her leg. And because of this, they could not go up the hill to fetch the pail of water. Until finally, their broken appendages healed. And ever since that day, Jack and Jill use a pump.

Step 6: WRITE!!!

Now, with all of those exercises you have learned, go WRITE!



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    Lots of great tips for learning to write. Nicely done! :)

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    If you like it, I entered it in the First Time Authors contest. You can vote for it here!