How to Prep Furniture for Paint

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Preparing furniture for painting is really an easy and important task. Watch as I show you everything the Diy in you needs to do in order to get a professional makeover and get the best looking and long lasting finish on your next furniture project. Whether using chalk paint or any paint, these cleaning tips will come in handy and save you time! Thanks for watching!!!
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Step 1: Find a Container!

I used a coffee container, they work super great! And I have read that coffee helps you live longer.

After finding the perfect container, fill it with some warm water.

Step 2: White Lightning

Next you scoop 1 tablespoon of Dixie Belle white lightning which the link is in the description of this instructable.

Pour it into the warm water and mix. Now your ready to start scrubbing!

Step 3: Sand and Clean at the Same Time!

Finally using a 220 grit sanding sponge from Dixie Belle you can dip it into the water mixture and start scrubbing away all of the dirt and grime at the same time as sanding for the first coat of paint to adhere to. I hope you watched and enjoyed the video!

Step 4: Let's Mix the Cleaner

First you want to grab a container of some sort and add warm water. Then you can take the white lightning from Dixie Belle paint color and add a tablespoon...then mix!

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