How to Prepare a Dragon Fruit

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Dragon Fruit is in season and is a very tasty and healthy snack . Its easy to prepare and is great in fruit salads. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO USE CAUTION WHEN USING A KNIFE TO PREPARE FOOD.

Step 1: Wash Your Fruit

Step 2: Place Your Dragon Fruit on a Cutting Board and Find a Kitchen Knife

Step 3: Hold Fruit Sideways and Cut the Fruit in Half

Always be Careful when using knives

Step 4: The White Part With the Seeds Is the Edible Part

its similar to a kiwi

Step 5: Use a Knife or Spoon to Cut a Small Groove to Separate the Skin From the Fruit

Step 6: Use You Fingers to Peel the Skin Off

Step 7: Separate the Fruit From the Skin

Step 8: Cut the Fruit in Small Pieces

Step 9: You Can Even Put the Pieces in the Skin to Use As a Bowl



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