How to Prepare for Bugging Out


Introduction: How to Prepare for Bugging Out

(This is a pilot instructable. I've roughly constructed the first couple of steps to see what the general mood/consensus is. Please comment, positive, negative, constructive, other, I'm not fussed. The comments will determine whether or not there is sufficient interest for adding subsequent steps and finishing the instructable. In advance, thank you for your comments.)

Hello, this instructable is designed to enable you to prepare for having to bug out. It's not designed to help you choose what to take, how to pack, what dangers you'll face, how to survive in the wild. No, none of that stuff. This instructable is about what steps you can take to develop yourself whilst everything is ordered, the shops are full, law and order reigns, and scientists having not yet perfected the mutant zombie strain of the common cold.



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    Please continue. You have given the most compelling argument for what people should be giving thought to - IN CASE. I am going to use what you have here to try to convince some of my family members to get serious about prepping. Thank you.

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    thanks, i hope it helps to if not convince your family members, then perhaps get them to begin thinking about possibly having to some day. Hope it all works out for you,

    Very sound advice. Reminds me so much of that book, The Road.

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    not read it, just downloaded it, will give me something to read this weekend. Thanks for the steer, and the feedback.


    2 years ago

    I read your BOB Mk1 and enjoyed it. In fact, yours helped motivate me to get my kit improved to something more useable, but definitely not complete. I also thought about trying my hand at an instructable on the same topic; still underway.
    After reading your latest, I enjoyed it. It's a good start for sure and you make some valid points for people to think about. Fail to plan, then plan to fail. We should prepare a plan for a worst case scenario, as well as for the more common scenario (weather related/complicated by).
    These plans will give a baseline and then allow a person to modify them as necessary. The phrase that comes to mind from training in my Infantry days: the body cannot go, where the mind has never been. We all need to run through our intended actions for various scenarios in our head, so if that day comes we can execute smoother than if we need to create a plan under stress.
    Keep it up!

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    thanks, and yes I completely agree. I was motivated to do this instructable because I looked at what other people had put together for their bug out bags. Some were reasonable, others simply had the generic stuff and put it in a bag. The ones who had best sorted their kit were the military types, who seemed to be of the special forces variety. But that is not who most people are, and it is most people who will make up the majority in a crisis situation.

    You're ex military, so I'm sure you've been awake at 10am and it's been raining. Then at 10am the next day it's still raining and you've been outside the whole time. At best you would have had a 3x3 tarp over your head when you slept, at worst you would have had to lay in a puddle as the rain fell, getting cold and wet. Most people who I've seen make bug out bags, seem not to have spent a few hours in the rain and think that bugging out is going to be some boys own adventure or imaging it's going to be just like in the movies.

    Knowing so many have not even got a plan for a simple black out, let alone a natural disaster or something worse, is discomforting to me. And for most, going from knowing nothing to having a bug out bag that will sustain them for a minimum of three days is a daunting challenge. I'd like this instructable to be a step between nothing and doing something. Which I hope will lead to having that all important plan. Thereby making it that little bit easier for everyone.