How to Present and Execute a Brainteaser

Introduction: How to Present and Execute a Brainteaser

Brainteasers can be fun when solved. On the other hand, they can be maddening up until that point. Here's a simple yet very effective one that will have others confused until you reveal the super-easy solution.

Here is a video showing the brainteaser in its entirety:

Step 1: What You Need

-The following list shows what is needed for this brainteaser:

1)A rope, string or necktie (pick one)

2)At least two fingers on each of your hands :)

3)At least one person that you can ask to try to perform the trick. I like to refer to this person as "the victim".

Step 2: The Challenge

Ask someone to hold the rope, string or tie at either end with each hand and try to tie a knot in it without lifting their hands off of the ends of the tie (obviously that's what I used). He/she will be baffled and probably try to actually do it. This will most likely look hilarious. The more stubborn and determined he/she is, the funnier it will be. It's impossible to do unless you carry out step three.....

Step 3: The Execution

When your victim(s) finally give(s) up, take the tie and show this simple solution:

1)Cross your arms without touching the tie at all.

2)With your arms crossed, grab each end of the tie using your index fingers and middle fingers as "grabbers" or claws, if you will:)

3)Simply uncross your arms while you hold on tight to the ends of the tie. A knot will automatically be created when you do this.

Step 4: The Aftermath

The reaction(s) from your victim(s) can be priceless.

Have fun and enjoy this. Thanks for watching!

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