How to Prevent Back Pain When Sitting for Hours




If your job requires you to sit on a chair and face your desktop for hours, you may experience back pain. Thus the first thing you need to do is to follow 3 things to avoid back pain.

1) Proper chair – Comfortable chair is very important to keep yourself at work all day long. However choosing a chair will depend on every individual preferences so choose those comfortable to sit with.

2) Sitting position – What makes back pain troublesome is sitting improperly. Sometimes when we don’t feel like working, we sit like we are at home. Or, we like just to sit to our comfortable level. But it is not the way. The proper sitting is to sit straight, to make our spine and lumbar in contact. This way we can avoid experiencing back pain.

3) Be sure to stand up and stretch – Programmers are the most vulnerable to back pain. Programming can be very addictive and sometimes it costs more than 8 hours to finish a program or to fix some bugs. But you should keep in mind that stretching is very important to wake up those muscles and help good blood circulation.

These are just few reminders to keep ourselves healthy especially those who work for hours sitting and facing their computers. But when back pain strikes, there are back massagers to help you soothe the pain. But, it is always best to be preventive than curing.

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