How to Prevent Headphones/ Earphones From Tangling

Introduction: How to Prevent Headphones/ Earphones From Tangling

Pulling out your earphones/headphones to find them in a tangled mess is very common. I show a few simple methods that can be used to prevent headphones from tangling while carrying them in a pocket or bag. To prevent them from becoming tangled the wire can’t be allowed to move around and become intertwined. This can be done by having something to wind the wire around and secure the ends. For this I used a cork but anything that will achieve the same result can be used. Another method is to coil or fold the wire by itself and securing the ends with a twist tie or elastic band. I also show another method that doesn’t require any fasteners and used the earphone wire to become secure and won’t unravel on its own.

This article explains why earphones become tangled: (

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